Old World Colonial™ Light Restoration

The Old World Colonial Light Restoration is a light wavy window glass crafted using the blown cylinder method.

A glassmaker begins by collecting molten glass on the end of a blowpipe. The glassblower then forces air through the pipe and blows the hot glass into a cylindrical mold. Once formed, this tube of glass is swung by hand in large pits to facilitate elongation. The glass is then placed into a kiln where it is split and reheated to flatness. After, it is ready to be cut and used as sheet glass. The ‘Light Restoration’ boasts an authentic waviness with light wavy surface distortions, including subtle cords and occasional bubbles.

Product #


Manufacturing Method

Mouth blown glass



USA Historical Period


Glass Characteristics

Very light cords

Occasional seeds

Availabile Thickness

3mm (approximately)


Due to the nature of mouth blown glass, each sheet will vary in size. The maximum size that can be achieved is approximately 36” x 36”

Fabrication Options

Cut to size

Laminated safety

Insulated IG

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