A source for historically accurate Restoration Window Glass™.

Our goal is to recreate period glass by using the same manufacturing process used in America from the 17th to the mid-20th century.

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Welcome to Hollander Historic Restoration Window Glass™

The distinguished source for period Restoration Window Glass. Hollander is the premier carrier of Circa glass products. Circa combines historical accuracy with modern utility. We make our Circa glass, one sheet at a time, here in the USA. Check out one of our most popular products, Hollander Circa 1900™. This product boasts an elegant distortion that remains true to its historical aesthetic. It allows us to cater to a variety of applications by offering larger sheets and thicknesses.

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“Bravo to the whole team for faultless execution. I have been in the design business for over thirty years and I can’t make this claim as often as I would like!”

Tom Gibb, Partner | Lindgren Gibb Studio

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Mouth Blown Restoration Window Glass

Cylinder and Crown glass products that are hand-spun by Artisans using centuries-old methods.

Other Restoration Products

Specialty Restoration Window Glass products with modern utility including Low Iron and Low-E products.

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