Hollander Circa 1800™

Hollander Circa 1800 Window Glass™ is handmade cylinder glass manufactured exclusively by Hollander, one sheet at a time, in the USA. Replicating the old window glass manufacturing process from the turn of the century, Circa 1800 antique cylinder glass captures the old world charms of mouth-blown restoration window glass at a fraction of the cost.

Circa 1800 has a medium wavy, non-directional distortion. It contains surface pitting that simulates air bubbles and seeds. These imperfections create just the right amount of distortion and makes it the perfect wavy glass choice for your period restoration project.

Product #

RG 1800

Manufacturing Method

Thermally formed glass



USA Historical Period

1800 - 1900

Glass Characteristics

Medium waves

Small pits


Availabile Thickness







30” x 70” *Available in custom sizes up to 60” x 84”

Fabrication Options

Cut to size

Laminated safety

Insulated IG

Tempered (4mm and up only)

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